Direct flights to the United States raising our standards

Operating regular direct flights to the world’s most demanding and competitive market might not yield many short-term commercial gains but will certainly give Vietnam Airlines the chance to enhance its own quality. Lorem ipsum dolor […]

29/11/2021 - Airlines

Attention to travelers entering the United States

Please research and follow all regulations for departing Vietnam and entering your destination country, along with the latest rules for Covid-19 prevention and control. As of press time, the following rules applied to travelers entering […]

29/11/2021 - Airlines

Direct flights to the US open new doors

Vietnam Airlines plans to operate the first regular direct flight route from Ho Chi Minh City to San Francisco, delighting passengers and opening up business opportunities for both Vietnam and the US. MR. ADAM SITKOFF […]

29/11/2021 - Airlines

Ill gotten, ill spent

There was once a foreign king who possessed an extremely rare jewel that had two bizarre qualities: it was light as a feather in your hands, but weighed a ton once set on the ground or any object.

29/11/2021 - Folktale

Mythical creatures

Vietnam has a rich collection of sacred animals, including those created by Vietnamese people and those adopted from external cultures....

29/11/2021 - Local Culture

Resonant sculptures

The beautiful bronze drums of ethnic Muong people contain two thousand years of Vietnam's history...

26/11/2021 - Local Culture

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